Lehre » Winter 20/21 » Algorithmics for Politics

General Information

Type Time / Place Start Speaker

V3 Mo, 14:30 - 16:00 / Zoom 02.11.2020 Woeginger
Do, 10:30 - 12:00 / Zoom 29.10.2020


Exam 1 February or March 2021 / ???
Exam 2 March or April 2021 / ???

RWTHonline: Link
Moodle: Link

The course deals with the computational aspects of collective decision making. It covers a variety of topics at the intersection of theoretical computer science, mathematics, economics, and political sciences, as for instance


The Zoom link to the lectures can be found in the Moodle.


The final exam will be in written form.
Time and place of the exam will be announced at a later moment in time.


To be admitted to the exam you must achieve at least 50% of all possible points on the exercise sheets. The exercise sheets will be released in the moodle room where you should also hand them in.

The sheets will be released weekly and should be solved in groups. We will announce the group size once we have a concrete idea of the number of participating students.