Accepted Papers

Kun Hu, Jingjing Huang and George Karakostas. Using reputation instead of tolls in repeated selfish routing with incomplete information
Sofia Belikovetsky and Tami Tamir. Load Rebalancing Games in Dynamic Systems with Migration Costs
Mohmmadtaghi Hajiaghayi, Hamid Mahini and Anshul Sawant. Scheduling a Cascade with Opposing Influences
Jeremy Kun, Brian Powers and Lev Reyzin. Anti-Coordination Games and Stable Graph Colorings
Xujin Chen, Donglei Du and Luis F. Zuluaga. Copula-based Randomized Mechanisms for Truthful Scheduling on Two Unrelated Machines
Bruno Escoffier, Diodato Ferraioli, Laurent Gourves and Stefano Moretti. Designing Frugal Best-Response Mechanisms for Social Network Coordination Games
Sergiu Hart and Noam Nisan. The Query Complexity of Correlated Equilibria
Diodato Ferraioli and Paolo Penna. Imperfect best-response mechanisms
Elliot Anshelevich, Onkar Bhardwaj and Michael Usher. Friend of My Friend: Network Formation with Two-Hop Benefit
Yoram Bachrach and Nisarg Shah. Reliability Weighted Voting Games
Bart Smeulders, Frits Spieksma, Laurens Cherchye and Bram De Rock. The Money Pump as a Measure of Revealed Preference Violations: A Comment
Jerome Lang, Nicolas Maudet and Maria Polukarov. New Results on Equilibria in Strategic Candidacy
Lasse Kliemann. The Price of Anarchy in Bilateral Network Formation in an Adversary Model
Piotr Skowron, Lan Yu, Piotr Faliszewski and Edith Elkind. The Complexity of Fully Proportional Representation for Single-Crossing Electorates
Martin Gairing and Max Klimm. Congestion Games with Player-Specific Costs Revisited
Sandy Heydrich and Rob van Stee. Dividing Connected Chores Fairly
Ales A. Kubena and Peter Franek. Symmetries of Quasi-Values
Haris Aziz, Felix Brandt and Paul Stursberg. On Popular Random Assignments
Kord Eickmeyer and Ken-Ichi Kawarabayashi. Approximating Multi Commodity Network Design on Graphs of Bounded Pathwidth and Bounded Degree
Paul Goldberg, Xiaotie Deng, Yang Sun, Bo Tang and Jinshan Zhang. Pricing Ad Slots with Consecutive Multi-unit Demand
Dieter Mitsche, George Saad and Jared Saia. The Power of Mediation in an Extended El Farol Game
Haris Angelidakis, Dimitris Fotakis and Thanasis Lianeas. Stochastic Congestion Games with Risk-Averse Players
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Svetlana Obraztsova, Evangelos Markakis and David Thompson. Plurality Voting with Truth-biased Agents
Valerio Capraro, Matteo Venanzi, Maria Polukarov and Nicholas R. Jennings. Cooperative Equilibria in Iterated Social Dilemmas