General Information

Type Where and When Dates of Session Lecturer
V3 Fr 10:15am - 12:30am / AH II starting Oct 18 Vöcking, from Nov 15: Unger

Type Where and When Dates of Session Lecturer
Ü1 Group 1 Mo 10am - 11:30am / 5056 Nov 11 Reiffenhäuser
Nov 25
Dec 09
Jan 06
Feb 03
Group 2 Thu 10am - 11:30am / 5054 Nov 14 Reiffenhäuser
Nov 28
Dec 12
Jan 09
Feb 06


Exercises can usually be put in the mailbox in front of I1 until 10:15 pm on the next friday after release. Exact due dates are to be found on each of the sheets.



A distributed system is a collection of computing devices that can communicate with each other. The relevance of distributed systems needs not to be discussed as they are ubiquitious today. This lecture deals with the theoretical foundations of distributed systems. We model distributed systems in terms of graphs and related network models. A focus of the lecture lies on the design and analysis of algorithms for these networks. We cover the following topics:

Additional Material

The first lectures are based on the introducing chapters of the book by D. Peleg. This part of the book can be viewed online via Google Books here. A paper version is also available at the Computer Science Library.